Our Strategy

We are value investors and believe that developing independent insights through fundamental research is crucial to successfully navigating our Asian markets and to generating attractive long term returns. Our research process includes both classic securities analysis as well as a significant amount of time "in the field" performing on-site due diligence on companies and industries.

We couple this research with our deep understanding of China's dynamic political and cultural factors to identify attractive securities. The portfolio is constructed with considerations of multiple risk factors including sizing of ideas, concentration, thesis diversification, and macro factor risks. The portfolio liquidity allows us to be agile and opportunistic in implementing investment ideas.

Our Universe

The Greater China investment universe is composed of more than 7,000 companies and contains about US$12.5 trillion worth of market cap, encapsulating 70% of Asia ex-Japan. By comparison US is around $25 trillion and Japan is near $5 trillion. We invest in Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, or internationally. We believe these markets are highly inefficient and provide opportunities for active portfolio management.