ESG Approach

We use three pillars for ESG investing

Exclusion List – As signatories of United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment, we adopt a principles-based approach to ESG matters. As part of this process, we place companies or industries which we regard as unsuitable investments on an Exclusion List. Conduct based behaviour are also reviewed and placed on the exclusion list

ESG integration – We integrate ESG factors into our investment analysis of all positions. Combining company and industry-specific ESG data with fundamental analysis of the companies, our objective is to mitigate ESG risks and identify investment opportunities for the portfolio.

Active engagement – Engaging with companies is an important part of the process. Promoting positive change among companies to genuinely influence corporate behavior is part of our mission. On a company level, we actively advocate the United Nations Global Compact Principles as a framework for corporate sustainability.

CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) member

TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) Signatory