Business Principles

1.  Long-term value creation – We aim to maximize long-term value.  As a fund, our goal is to provide long-term returns. As a company, our longstanding relationships with partners and colleagues are invaluable.

2. Integrity – Our belief is that sustainable relationships are founded on integrity.  At Telligent, we strive to uphold this principle in everything we do.

3. Teamwork – We are a close-knit family with a flat hierarchy.  It is our conviction that teamwork and collaboration are the best ways to create value.

4. Dedication – The nature of our business is simple but not easy, and there are no shortcuts.  It requires hard work and dedication.

5. Continuous Development – The willingness to continuously improve is the foundation for critical and innovative thinking.  We constantly strive to develop and improve collectively and individually. 

6. Open Communication – We have an open atmosphere where people learn from each other and feel comfortable offering honest feedback and opinions. 

7. Open-mindedness – We foster an environment of open-mindedness based on flexibility and a willingness to learn new things.  Our industry and the markets are constantly changing and we must adapt to thrive.